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Alec's antics


Reducing the Stigma of Mental Health and Suicide, One Conversation at a Time

Team Alec's Antics strives to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide. In honor of Alec J White, we are dedicated to providing access to mental health for all, through our scholarship fund and through our work in the community.
The Alec J White Memorial Scholarship fund was started by the family and friends of Alec White to increase access to mental health for all by investing in students entering the field of mental health and human services and empowering students entering a trade as Alec was.

You can help support our mission to fight suicide by purchasing items from our online fundraising store.
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We are a 501c3 non-profit Scholarship Fund
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who is alec?

Alec White was both quiet and mischievous, sharp-witted and gentle. He had a quick grin and a love of nature and adventure – he was always exploring, climbing trees and even buildings. He loved skate boarding, downhill skiing, and any situation where he could do flips in the air or walk a slack line. He was creative, full of ideas, and kind – the sort of person who would see a lonely kid on the edge of the basketball court and ask him to join in the game.

Alec also fought an internal battle with depression, and though he fought hard, and those he loved fought for him, we lost him to suicide in November of 2017.

Alec's family and friends keep Alec’s memory alive on a daily basis by supporting others through education and understanding that mental health is vital to our overall health.

The Alec J. White Memorial Scholarship Fund was created for this purpose, with three $1000 scholarships to be awarded annually to graduating Merrimack County NH, High School students who wish to pursue a career in mental health, human services, or the trades. Alec would be happy to know that he had a part in helping people pursue their passions, as well as their desire to help others through their career.


The application is available here, as well as through the guidance offices at Merrimack county highscools. If you would like to apply, and are having trouble downloading or obtaining a copy, please contact us at

Download The Memorial Scholarship Application

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Changing the stigma of mental health and suicide one conversation at a time

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