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September is Suicide Awareness Month

This past 18 months have really been a stress test on our mental health system. This system is failing the test. There is hope though, more and more we are seeing small steps of progress and the conversation surrounding suicide is changing. People are starting to really speak up about their struggles and opening themselves or their loved ones up to asking for help. This positive change is much needed and it's a small piece of an urgent puzzle.

We desperately need mental health infrastructure, the resources for families and patients are not adequate. We need an overhaul from top to bottom. We need to encourage more people to go into mental healthcare which for us is a call to put our all into keeping this scholarship going.

To me I think that creating moments where we open up the space where someone feels like they can share their inner struggle and be really heard, each of these moments creating a chance for another moment and another until we all feel connected and supported. This is how we move forward and change the trajectory we are currently on.

We have launched our annual t-shirt fundraiser you can check out on the front page of this website. This shirt design features another photo of Alec's antics, this time he is skateboarding. Like last years design it also features Alec's handwriting and our signature spray paint in the suicide awareness colors. Please consider buying a shirt to help us fund our scholarship. The campaign ends 9/13 so don't miss out!

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