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Travis Pastrana is an incredible human

Pushing right to the limit of what is possible is something that Alec could really relate to, he was a daredevil in his own right. So, when Alec's Dad volunteered to work the race up the Mount Washington Auto Road, none of us could have imagined the kind of magic that could come from this day. Firstly, Pastrana broke his own record yet again, pushing that Subaru up that hill faster than any other car before. If you've ever driven up the auto road, you know that speeds over 100 mph on that narrow curvy path is just astounding.

As cool as the record-breaking moment was, it was something else he did that day that shows just who Travis Pastrana really is. Just before the run, Alec's dad had a moment to speak to Travis and tell him how much he inspired Alec and he asked if he would possibly take some of Alec's ashes with him up the mountain. Pastrana not only took the little vial of ashes in the car with him, he was genuinely touched by the idea and after winning the day by breaking the record yet again, he made the moment even more magic by gifting the days hard won trophy to Alec's dad in a moment this family won't soon forget.

You can see the whole day's experience in this episode of Launch Control which was also dedicated to Alec. It is moments like this that can have unexpected ripples through this world. Someone watching this episode struggling with mental illness might just decide that tomorrow is worth sticking around for... and really, that's always the best part.

Here's the episode. If you are seeing this and it inspires you to do so, please send some love to this world class racing team, they are all pretty amazing.

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