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When we all shine our light

Yesterday was a remarkable day.

Since losing Alec, his birthdays have been hard days filled with sweet moments of shared memories. Last year, thanks to an idea from Alec's aunt Jana, #pinkdonutsforalec came to be. A series of hearts looking for a way to mark the day, a sweet chance to say happy birthday. It was also an important opportunity, to get more conversations going around mental health and suicide.

This year, we laid the ground work, getting this page going, coordinating with local donut shops, pictures, videos, getting a few internet creators to share this with their platforms. We wanted to reach more people, especially young people. This past year has thrown challenges at each and every one of us and our emotional selves need support now more than ever. So we continue each day to bring Alec's memory into everything we do. To keep him a living part of our lives and to tell his story, and to end the stigma, and advocate for broader access to mental health.

Yesterday, there were countless posts of smiling faces and happy voices sending a wave of love to our Alec and spreading the message. It was incredible and it was the kind of outpouring of love that can really move mountains. You all really came through and made it amazing, and we are filled with gratitude for each and every one of you. Let's work together to keep the momentum going and really change the way we look at mental health.

A huge shout out goes to Dunkin Donuts in Loudon NH, the first ever Dunkins in Quincy MA #dunkins, the NH Donut Company in Concord NH #nhdonutcompany, and Munchies and Milkshakes in Plymouth MA #munchiesandmilkshakes for their generous donations and their pink frosted creations!

To tik tok creators #cringecarter and the #superflylunchlady, thank you for joining us, sharing your platforms and helping us reach even more people with our message. You inspired so many people to take a moment to celebrate and talk about mental health.

Importantly, to each and every one of you who took the time and posted it's difficult to articulate just how much it all means to us.

Who knows, maybe your post was the thing that you, or someone else needed to hear for the inspiration to keep going...

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